Oxbridge myths and urban legends

The following article recently featured in The Daily Telegraph discusses “Oxbridge myths and urban legends”.


There are plenty of myths about Oxbridge, most of which are completely untrue.


Too many applicants worry about the ‘type’ of person who studies at Oxbridge. Tutors are interested in your ability to think, not in your social background. There is absolutely no evidence to support the view that there is discrimination either in favour of, or against, applicants from independent schools. Oxbridge is only exclusive in the sense that it picks the most able students.


Perhaps the most pervasive urban myth is that tutors will make you do bizarre things at interview. Given that tutors want to get the best out of you, they are unlikely to want to spook you with strange requests.


The images of beautiful quads and manicured lawns all suggest that costs will be dramatically high at Oxbridge. In fact, it’s no more expensive to study at Oxbridge than at any other university, and all colleges provide on-site accommodation for at least part of your course, which is usually much cheaper than renting privately. In addition, both universities offer generous financial support packages for students from the lowest-income households.

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